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How To Make Money By Typing In South Africa [$50/HOUR]

How To Make Money By Typing In South Africa [$50/HOUR]

Typing is a valuable skill that can help you earn money online in South Africa. With the internet and remote work opportunities, South Africans can find typing jobs and get paid in rand for their work.

Here are some tips to get started earning money by typing:

Online typing jobs offer South Africans legitimate opportunities to earn money working from home. With the right skills and work ethic, you can find rewarding remote typing jobs.

Here are some tips for South Africans to succeed at earning money through online typing work:

Improve Your Typing Skills

Test your words per minute (WPM) speed to see if you type fast enough for this kind of work.

General requirements are 35-65 WPM for most typing jobs. Test on sites like

If you need to improve, practice daily typing drills using online programs or games that test accuracy and speed. Sites like TypingClub,, and Keybr are helpful.

Learn to touch type, meaning you don’t look at the keyboard. This boosts typing fluidity. Use proper finger positions on the home keys.

Get comfortable using number rows and symbol keys quickly as you may need those for data entry jobs.

Increase your stamina so you can maintain consistent speed and accuracy when typing for longer periods of time.


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Search Job Boards and Online Sites

Check popular remote work job boards like FlexJobs, SolidGigs, and We Work Remotely for typing opportunities. You can filter by category.

Search for typing gigs on major freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. Competition is high so highlight your skills and experience.

Visit direct company sites of those that hire virtual assistants and transcriptionists like Rev, iScribed, SpeakWrite and Tigerfish.

Sign up on microtask sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker and Appen for small typing tasks that add up over time.

Follow reputable typing companies on social media for job announcements like TranscribeMe, Scripted, Crowdsurf Work and GMR Transcription.

Build Your Profile

Create a polished online portfolio or profile showcasing your expertise as a typist, your education, training certificates, accuracy rate, recent projects and client feedback.

Obtain any certifications you can in transcription software, data entry, or office skills through sites like HubSpot or Coursera to boost your credibility.

Take skills tests some platforms provide to showcase your proficiency in areas like spelling, grammar, punctuation, editing, proofreading.

Highlight your typing WPM, any specialized experience (legal, healthcare, etc.), and commitment to deadlines.

Provide professional references who can vouch for your typing work ethic and abilities.

Apply and Interview

Carefully review job qualifications and only apply to typing opportunities that match your background and skills.

Customize your application materials for each submission – cover letter, resume, portfolio samples. Follow all directions provided.

Be responsive to scheduling interviews, testing, and onboarding quickly. Timeliness shows commitment.

In interviews, highlight your typing speed, accuracy, training, experience. Provide real examples meeting tight deadlines and quality standards.

Ask about productivity requirements, quality assurance, workflows, style guides. Get a sense of typical projects and tasks.

Confirm pay rate per word, line, page, or hour. Check how and when you would get paid. Understand any penalties for errors.

Build Your Reputation

Once hired, be a responsive communicator and team player. Ask for clarification when unsure. Deliver error-free work on or before deadlines.

Seek feedback from employers/clients on your work. Ask what you can improve. Adjust to their preferences.

As you gain experience, increase your rates and expand to higher paying typing jobs. Provide quality work consistently to earn more over time.

Collect praise, endorsements and testimonials that validate your skills and work delivered. Add them to your online profiles.

With time and dedication, South African’s can indeed find legitimate and rewarding online typing jobs. By continuously improving your skills and building a strong reputation, you can earn a good income typing from home.

Best Jobs To Make Money Typing in South Africa

Several online typing job opportunities are well-suited for South Africans looking to earn extra income working from home.

These roles leverage your skills as a fast, accurate typist while offering flexibility. Here are some of the best online typing jobs to consider:

a). Transcriptionist

Transcribing audio files into text documents is one of the most common typing jobs available online.

As a freelance transcriptionist, you listen to recordings – anything from legal proceedings to doctor interviews – and precisely type up what you hear.

This requires excellent listening skills, a high typing speed like 75+ WPM, and a low error rate.

Subject matter expertise in areas like medical, business, or law is preferred. Transcription can involve general conversations or highly technical terminology depending on the niche.

Top companies hiring transcriptionists include Rev, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, and Tigerfish. This is paid per audio hour transcribed, ranging from $15-45 USD. Transcriptionists with legal or healthcare experience can earn toward the higher end.

b). Data Entry Specialist

Online data entry involves transferring handwritten, audio, or image information into digital formats for companies.

Your role is to accurately input data into spreadsheets, databases, forms, archives and other digital systems quickly.

Data entry requires a high degree of precision and attention to detail. You will need fast, accurate typing skills around 10,000 keystrokes per hour.

Common data entry projects include ecommerce product listings, PDF to Excel conversions, survey results, and more.

Major companies hiring for remote data entry work include Wonolo, Acumen Data, and Belay. Pay rates range from $15-20 USD per hour depending on your speed and proficiency.

c). Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide all kinds of administrative and clerical support to businesses virtually.

While tasks vary day-to-day, having strong typing skills lets you efficiently handle duties like creating documents, presentations, and email outreach for clients.

Your typing speed should be 50+ WPM to keep up with client demands.

You’ll also need mastery of software like MS Office, Google Workspace, email platforms and more. This role involves both independent and collaborative work.

Virtual assistant positions have hourly pay rates starting around $15 USD per hour.

Many freelance sites like Upwork have virtual assistant job openings, as do direct companies like Belay, Time Etc, and Worldwide101.


d). Captions Writer

If you have an ear for detail, captions writing may appeal.

This involves precisely transcribing audio into text captions synced to video for streaming sites, online courses, broadcast media and more.

You must type quickly while listening closely to dialog, sound effects, accents, technical terms and more.

Knowledge of proper captioning formats and specialty software helps. Most captioning jobs require 70+ WPM typing speed.

Top employers include Rev, 3Play Media, CaptioningStar, and Vitac. Typical pay is $1-3 USD per audio minute.

Caption writers with expertise in complex content like medical, technical, or educational can earn more.

What Do I Need To Make Money Typing in South Africa?

Earning an income by typing from home in South Africa is realistic for those with the right skills and dedication.

If you can type quickly and accurately and deliver high quality work, a number of typing jobs are possible.

Here are several common questions South Africans may have about earning money through remote typing work:

What kind of typing skills are required?

Most online typing jobs require you to type 35-65+ words per minute (WPM) with at least 90% accuracy.

The faster you can type error-free, the more jobs will be available to you and the higher your earnings potential.

Precision is just as important as speed. Mistakes can severely cut into your productivity and profitability with “do-overs.”

Developing excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills through practice helps minimize errors.


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How much money can you make typing online in South Africa?

Pay for typing jobs varies depending on your skill level, speed, and experience.

Entry-level typists can expect $3-12 USD per hour, averaging around $8/hour. With practice, you can reach $15-25 USD per hour.

Top-tier typing pros who specialize in areas like medical transcription or data entry can earn up to $45 USD per hour.

It comes down to building expertise in high demand, high paying typing niches over time.

South Africans get paid through international payment platforms like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer which allow you to receive payment in rand. Be sure to choose sites that pay workers directly and avoid any third party payouts.

What are common typing job scams to look out for?

Unfortunately, many scam typing job ops exist solely to steal your money or personal information.

Avoid job ads that seem too good to be true or promise guaranteed income.

Legit typing jobs never require you to pay fees upfront for training or software.

Also beware fake check scams that involve your “employer” sending you a check to purchase equipment and pocketing the change.

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Other red flags include interviews solely over text/email and jobs requiring bank account access.

Do your research into any company before providing personal details.

Stick to established sites like Upwork and Rev when starting out. Vet any unknown companies thoroughly first and never pay for the promise of a job.

Can you do typing jobs full time?

It’s possible, but difficult for most to fully replace a traditional income with typing work alone.

Typing full time requires building to 20-30+ billable hours per week serving multiple clients across different sites.

This takes significant time and effort to establish.

Starting out, it’s more viable to view typing jobs as a part-time side hustle for extra cash on top of existing work.

Once you gain experience and ratings, you can slowly increase your availability.

Hard work and persistence developing your skills can make full time typing feasible over several years.


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What kinds of typing jobs have the highest earning potential long-term?

Specializing in highly technical and specialized typing skills opens more high paying opportunities. Examples include:

  • Legal transcription – $35-50+/hour
  • Medical transcription – $20-45+/hour
  • IT transcription – $25-40+/hour
  • Insurance claim processing – $25-35+/hour
  • Mortgage document typing – $22-30+/hour

Pursuing niche skills like these through continued training and certifications can significantly boost your income potential compared to general typing work.

Finding Typing Jobs in South Africa

South Africa’s high unemployment rate means many struggle to make ends meet.

Typing jobs offer a flexible way to supplement income while working from home. Here are tips on how to earn money typing specifically in the South African market:

Find Typing Jobs with South African Companies

A good starting point is targeting companies within South Africa that hire remote workers. Advantages include getting paid locally and avoiding currency exchange fees.

Major South African employers hiring for typing and data entry roles include:

  • Lingua Transcription – Transcribes audio in English and Afrikaans. Pay is R2.10-R10 per audio minute depending on turnaround time.
  • Datafin Recruitment – Provides data capturing, administration, and research jobs for local companies. Pay starts at R100 per hour.
  • Universe Technical Translation – Hires typists and translators skilled in South African languages like Zulu and Xhosa.
  • Synergnation – Lists data entry and administration vacancies paying ~R50,000 annually.
  • VDX – Virtual call center hires South Africans for customer service roles requiring fast, accurate typing and data entry.
  • Skybound – Digital marketing agency with transcription, editing, writing, and data entry jobs for South African freelancers.
  • Sitel – South African company offering English + second language customer service roles involving heavy typing.

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Join Local Freelancing Sites

Sign up on freelance websites and job boards based in South Africa. Being able to work directly with local small businesses avoids international client issues.

  • Pnet – One of the top local job sites. Browse their transcription, data capture, and virtual assistant listings.
  • NoSweat – South African freelance site with data entry, admin, and transcription gigs. Creates access to local startup clients.
  • Guru – Global freelance site with a large South African presence. Find local data entry and transcription jobs.
  • Flexworkers – Leading freelance network to connect with South African SMBs and entrepreneurs needing typing-related services.

Market Your Skills

Build up your online presence marketing your typing skills to South African companies:

  • Create a profile with keywords highlighting your WPM, accuracy, quick turnarounds, and proficiency in SA languages.
  • Build a targeted client list of SA businesses you want to work with. Follow their social accounts and interact with their posts.
  • Develop tailored proposals explaining how your typing skills can add value. Send them to new business prospects along with customized samples.
  • Join local entrepreneur Facebook groups and forums to network. Participate regularly to get known then privately message potential clients.
  • Promote your typing services and availability on LinkedIn to tap your South African connections for referrals and testimonials.

Offer Both English + Local Language Typing

To stand out, emphasize your ability to type not just in English but South African languages like Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, etc.

Many local companies need fast, accurate typing and data entry in languages beyond English to engage growing local non-English speaking markets. Being able to provide both gives you an advantage.

With persistence and consistent high quality work, you can build a reputation and regular South African clients over time. This provides stable income typing in the local market.

What To Avoid To Make Money Typing in South Africa

South Africa’s high unemployment and remote work potential means typing from home offers real income opportunities.

But succeeding as an online typist in South Africa requires avoiding common mistakes. Here are key pitfalls to avoid:


Not Having Adequate Typing Skills

All typing jobs require fast, accurate keyboarding. Avoid applying for projects beyond your skill level. If you type under 45 wpm with errors, spend time improving before seeking work.

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Practice daily with typing drills and games. Learn proper home row technique. Test with long typing passages versus short bursts. Use tools like Grammarly to catch errors. Becoming a truly fast, accurate typist takes dedication.

Ignoring Niche Opportunities

The most lucrative typing jobs involve specialized, technical skills like medical terminology or legal documentation. Avoid limiting yourself to basic data entry.

Spend time identifying high-income niche skills online typists need in South Africa. Reach out to legal firms, healthcare providers, IT companies. Ask what transcription skills they seek. Use that to guide your training.

Not Budgeting Taxes/Fees

Many new typists underestimate taxes and platform fees. On Upwork for example, 20% service fees apply on top of taxes. This quickly cuts into earnings if not accounted for.

Build tax and fee deductions like VAT into your rate. Use an online calculator to determine your tax burden based on typing income. Set this much aside to avoid payment issues later.

Failing To Optimize Your Profile

Your online presence is key to getting hired. Don’t just create a basic profile. Make sure it highlights your best assets – WPM, accuracy, experience, certifications. Provide proof through test results and reviews.

A poorly optimized profile won’t make you competitive. Spend time crafting a compelling summary, training credentials, portfolio samples. Ask mentors to review your profile and suggest improvements.

Not Focusing On Client Needs

Do your research before applying for typing jobs. Avoid taking on work you can’t deliver up to a client’s standards and preferences.

Slow turnaround times, incorrect formatting and obvious errors will destroy your chances of repeat business. Carefully review project details and ask clarifying questions before committing. Say no if the job exceeds your capabilities.

Pricing Too Low

New typists often underprice themselves and get stuck earning entry-level wages. But as your skills improve, avoid leaving money on the table. Research rates for your specialty. Slowly raise your rates as you gain positive feedback.

Don’t compete solely on price – emphasize quality and reliability. Bill based on value delivered versus hours worked. Communicate rate increases professionally.

Ignoring Potential Red Flags

Be vigilant against typing scams targeting South Africans. Research companies thoroughly before providing your personal information.

Watch for grammar errors, mismatched addresses, promises of “big money.” Never pay upfront fees. If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your gut. There are legitimate typing jobs if you remain cautious.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you gain typing income professionally and safely. Patience and hard work does pay off.


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How To Earn Money By Typing In South Africa

Succeeding as an online typist takes time, effort, and perseverance – especially when starting out. It can take months to start earning steady income typing online in South Africa while you build your skills, profile and client base.

To set realistic expectations, here is an approximate timeline of what you can expect when attempting to make money typing from home:

Month 1

  • Take typing assessments to determine your starting words per minute (WPM) and accuracy. Identify areas for improvement.
  • Set daily practice goals for typing drills and exercises to increase speed and reduce errors.
  • Research various typing job opportunities and niches. Make a list of companies you’d like to apply to.
  • Begin creating profiles on typing job sites. List qualifications clearly. Provide typing certifications if available.
  • Apply to entry-level typing jobs like transcription, data entry, captions to gain experience. Expect only modest earnings.

Month 2

  • Consistently practice typing 1-2 hours daily to get closer to expert-levels around 60 WPM.
  • Complete any available online certifications related to typing skills, data entry, transcription, etc.
  • Continue applying to reputable typing companies. Start with those with lower experience requirements to build your portfolio.
  • Once hired for initial jobs, focus on delivering excellent work – fast turnaround, perfect accuracy, good communication.
  • Invest earnings back into better equipment like foot pedal, headphones, ergonomic keyboard to increase productivity.

Month 3

  • Create professional profiles on LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr and other platforms. Showcase typing speed, accuracy, credentials, education, and early feedback.
  • Reach out to past clients asking if they were satisfied with your work and if they would provide a testimonial. Update profiles with their feedback.
  • Set daily/weekly income goals based on increasing your overall speed and accuracy. Slowly raise rates on platforms as you deliver consistent quality.
  • Consider specializing in industries like healthcare, law, IT. Begin researching what qualifications and certifications these niche typing jobs require so you can start working towards them.

Months 4-6

  • Continue taking on as much typed work as you can reasonably handle while maintaining quality. Get into a consistent workflow.
  • Begin actively networking both locally and on platforms like LinkedIn to find more South African typing opportunities.
  • Refine your professional profiles, services, rates, portfolio continuously based on client feedback and job requirements.
  • Consider skills development like multi-language typing or industry certifications to access higher paying work.
  • Manage workload and clients carefully to avoid burnout. Work hard but steadily to build sustainable income typing long-term.

While it takes significant dedication over several months to build a thriving typing career, the income potential in South Africa for skilled typists is real.

With consistent effort and continuing education, you can eventually earn a stable living typing from home.

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