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How Much Can You Make Selling Handmade Crafts in South Africa?

How Much Can You Make Selling Handmade Crafts in South Africa?

Handmade crafts are enjoying a major resurgence as people appreciate unique, handcrafted items over mass-produced goods. But can crafting really translate into a lucrative side business or full-time career in South Africa? What kind of income can talented crafters make? Let’s analyze the realistic earning potential.

Typical Pricing for Handmade Crafts

Craft sellers need to price their products so they can turn a decent profit after material costs. Average pricing for common crafts:

  • Jewelry: R100 – R500 per piece
  • Candles: R100 – R250 per candle
  • Soaps: R50 – R150 per bar
  • Crochet/knitted goods: R200 – R2000+ depending on size/complexity
  • Paintings: R500 – R5000+ depending on size and technique
  • Pottery: R100 – R1000+ per piece depending on size
  • Wooden decor items: R100 – R5000+ depending on complexity
  • Paper goods like cards, invitations, stationery: R20 – R100 per item

Pricing can be significantly higher for very large or complex crafts that require more time and skill.

Income Potential Selling Crafts

Most crafters start selling part-time before transitioning to full-time.

Part-Time Income Potential

Selling 10-20 items per week at an average of R250 each would generate R2,500 – R5,000 per month part-time.

Full-Time Income Potential

Selling 30-50+ items per week at an average of R250 each could realistically generate R7,500 – R12,500+ per month full-time.

Top sellers can make R15,000 – R25,000 per month, but this requires high volumes and securing custom orders and wholesale deals.

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Factors That Impact Earning Potential

Several factors determine your craft business income:

  • Craft quality and uniqueness – well-made items with original style allow premium pricing
  • Cost of materials – lower material costs mean higher profit margins
  • Product diversity – having a wide selection attracts more customers
  • Marketing and branding – professional promotional strategies and branding
  • Sales channels – selling through the right online and offline platforms
  • Production efficiency – streamlining the making process allows higher volumes
  • Customer service – ensuring great end-to-end experience and repeat business

Tips for Maximizing Your Earning Potential

Use these strategies to earn more money selling your handmade crafts:

  • Focus on quality over quantity – sell well-made pieces you can price higher.
  • Find ways to reduce material costs through bulk buying and recycling.
  • Offer diverse products and regularly introduce new items.
  • Create a brand identity and professional labels, tags, and packaging.
  • Utilize platforms like Etsy, Instagram and craft fairs to sell.
  • Build an email list and use social media to directly market to customers.
  • Streamline production through templates, jigs and batch making pieces.
  • Build relationships and secure corporate gifting and bulk orders.
  • Consider teaching craft skills through in-person or online classes and workshops.


Selling handmade crafts can be a lucrative full-time career for talented, savvy entrepreneurs in South Africa. While success requires excellent craft skills, business strategy and marketing, the potential to earn over R15,000 per month makes it an appealing path for creatives. With passion, persistence and the right approach, crafting can become a fulfilling and profitable livelihood.

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