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16+ Online Jobs for South Africans That Pay (No Prior Experience)

16+ Online Jobs for South Africans That Pay (No Prior Experience)

Finding an online job without prior professional experience can seem daunting in South Africa. With high national unemployment, especially among youth, getting a first job is challenging.

Fortunately, the growth of the internet and remote work opportunities provides new possibilities. There are legitimate online jobs accessible for South African residents with no experience required across areas like:

  • Surveys & Testing
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Transcription & Data Entry
  • Tutoring & Teaching
  • Writing & Editing

These jobs allow you to gain skills and experience in high demand fields. All while working completely remotely at flexible hours for decent pay.

While internet access remains an unfortunately barrier for some, if you have the means, these entry-level online jobs represent a promising path forward. No prior qualifications demanded and outcomes fully tied to your efforts.

This guide will walk through the key categories and top platforms to help South Africans land their first online job.

Online Surveys & Testing

Taking online surveys and testing websites/apps in exchange for cash is one of the most accessible ways to make money from home with no prior experience required. Below are some top platforms:


  • Global leader in market research surveys
  • Share your opinion on brands you know
  • Members paid in cash via EFT or gift cards
  • Open to respondents worldwide

Pay: Surveys range from $1-25 each depending on length


  • Take surveys and test/review consumer products
  • Millions of members across 190+ countries
  • Payment options include cash, vouchers and donations

Pay: Surveys from $0.50 to $30 each. Product testing tends to pay even more.


  • Get paid sharing your thoughts on websites and apps
  • Used by Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and other tech giants
  • Flexible – no set hours, work when convenient
  • Open to South Africans residents

Pay: \$10 per test which can take 5-60 minutes

There are also many other reputable survey & testing platforms like Gain, Polling for Money, Testable Minds, etc.

While earnings tend to be modest per individual survey, collectively they add up over time. The convenient testing and feedback opportunities make this an easy way to gain experience in the market research field.

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Virtual Assistant Work

Becoming a virtual assistant allows South Africans to gain professional admin experience while working remotely. Common tasks include scheduling, email management, organizing documents & projects, plus customer/client support over email, chat or phone.

Some top remote assistant jobs platforms include:


  • Leading virtual assistant company in US
  • Schedule meetings, manage emails, and handle other admin tasks for clients
  • Full & part-time opportunities available

Pay: Estimated between $14-21 per hour depending on role

Time Etc

  • Established virtual assistant jobs board with steady supply of assignments
  • Flexible opportunities in admin, social media, design, writing and more

Pay: Compensation set by clients but typically $10-25+ per hour

Fancy Hands

  • Complete small research, admin, assistant and errand tasks on-demand through mobile app
  • Open to South Africans – no set schedule, work when you want
  • Great way to gain experience

Pay: Ranges from $3-7 per 10 minute task depending on complexity

With so many individuals and companies now operating remotely, demand for reliable virtual assistants continues growing. This online admin work provides an opportunity to develop relevant skills and relationships that can elevate into more senior positions over time.

Transcription & Data Entry

Transcribing audio files and inputting data represent common online work streams accessible to beginners. These jobs focus on accuracy and attention to detail versus experience.


Services like TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, and Rev hire home-based workers to transcribe audio and video files across different industries and use cases.

Transcribing develops your listening comprehension, writing clarity, vocabulary and more while earning income. These platforms often have assessment tests to demonstrate your skill level before matching you with transcription work.

Pay: Ranges widely per audio hour based on difficulty and turnaround time. Newbie transcribers can expect $3-12 per hour. With accuracy and speed, top earners make $20+ per hour.

Data Entry

Data entry represents another common online work area for beginners. Sites like Remotasks, Clickworker, and Amazon Mturk offer remote gigs related to data entry, categorization, moderation and processing across languages.

These microtasks allow you to gain experience handling data for different industries while setting your own flexible work hours.

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Pay: Income varies based on skill level and speed but expect $5-20 per hour. Some experienced data entry freelancers earn $25+ per hour.

Leveraging online transcription, data entry and microtask platforms represents an easy way for South Africans to gain work experience remotely in in-demand fields.

Tutoring & Teaching English Online

Online tutoring and teaching English represent growing remote work opportunities, especially well suited for university students and graduates. Widespread internet access makes it easier than ever to share knowledge globally for income.


Subject expertise in math, sciences, languages, humanities and other academic areas are especially in demand. Sites like Tuta-Me, Superprof,, and Wyzant help match vetted tutors with students online for flexible sessions.

You set your own schedule and rates. Online tutoring means no commutes, expands your potential customer base globally, and lets you adapt materials as needed. This tutoring experience also helps strengthen personal teaching abilities for the future.

Pay: Tutors set their own rates but average earnings are typically $15-40 per hour depending on subject matter expertise and session demand.

Teaching English

Even without formal teaching credentials, English fluency is a valuable skill. Many Chinese companies like VIPKid, Palfish, and DaDa connect English speakers with Chinese students for conversational practice. Opening up cultural exchange and minds on both sides.

Platforms provide lesson plans and education materials tailored to Chinese learners and cover the recruiting demand in China. No prior experience required.

Pay: Ranges based on the company but typically 80-250 RMB (~$12-36 USD) per hour. Pay bumps higher for more popular time slots which cater to China’s schedule.

Online tutoring and teaching take advantage of booming globalized internet access to provide borderless work opportunities for anyone willing to share knowledge. The flexible arrangements make building skills and experience in education accessible.

Freelance Writing & Editing

Strong writing and communication abilities translate well online and remotely. Freelance writer/editor opportunities don’t require strict resume qualifications. Your skills speak through the work samples and content produced.

Some top job boards to find entry-level freelance writing & editing jobs include:


  • Leading site for screened legit remote jobs across career fields
  • Select flexible writing and editing opportunities currently hiring
  • Create a profile and apply to open positions

Pay: Compensation listed upfront and tends to range from $15-35 per hour

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  • Popular blog writing outsourcing agency and publisher network
  • Takes care of marketing – just focus on researching/writing articles
  • Earn by traffic or performance of each piece

Pay: Ranges from $50-150+ per 1200+ word blog article depending on niche

Cloud Living

  • Specializes in flexible jobs opportunities
  • Active writing and editing roles open to apply
  • Range of industries and clients

Pay: Hiring pages share pay ranges transparently, often $15-30 per hour

Don’t limit yourself to these boards. Reach out directly to blogs, publishers and brands in your specialty areas seeing if they need content or editing assistance. The demonstrable writing samples matter more than resumes. Use GoogleDocs and free editing tools like Grammarly to sharpen abilities and standout.

Freelance writing and editing skills are valuable in the growing online economy. Prioritize skills development through consistent writing and applying to entry-level openings. Getting your first freelance bylines leads to a chain reaction of referrals and recognition over time.

Key Takeaways

There are legitimate entry-level online jobs that pay in South Africa with no prior professional experience, including:

  • Online Surveys & Testing through platforms like Ipsos, Toluna and UserTesting pay for market research opinions and micro app testing tasks.
  • Virtual Assistant roles via Magic, Time Etc and Fancy Hands provide professional admin experience while working remotely.
  • Transcription services like TranscribeMe, Rev and GoTranscript plus data entry microtask sites like Remotasks, Clickworker and Amazon Mturk convert your computer and internet access into income through detail-oriented remote gigs.
  • Tutoring & Teaching English let you turn personal academic strengths and English fluency into global online income opportunities.
  • Freelance Writing & Editing takes consistent skills application but writing online opens doors through visibility and referrals over time.

With unemployment high — especially for youth — these online work options provide legitimate and realistic ways for South Africans to gain professional experience from home while earning.

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