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#7 Best Weekend Side Hustles in South Africa (R10k/Month)

#7 Best Weekend Side Hustles in South Africa (R10k/Month)

Are you looking for the best weekend side hustles in South Africa?

Juggling the demands of work and life during the week can make it challenging to find time for a side hustle.

This is why savvy hustlers take advantage of the weekend to put in extra hours on money-making ventures in South Africa.

The flexibility of weekends provides the perfect opportunity to build your empire on the side.

A side hustle is any small business, gig or endeavor you take on in addition to your full-time job to make extra income.

Common weekend side hustles in South Africa include online tutoring, driving for a rideshare service, selling homemade crafts, operating a pop-up shop and much more.

Pursuing a weekend side hustle comes with many appealing benefits:

  • Earn extra cash to help reach financial goals or pay off debt
  • Build valuable skills related to running a business successfully
  • Expand professional networks by connecting with new clients and partners
  • Pursue a passion – turn a hobby into profit!
  • Gain more freedom by reducing reliance on your full-time job

With consistency and hard work, many weekend side hustles in South Africa can realistically earn R5,000 – R10,000+ in extra monthly income.

And the flexibility of weekends means no need to sacrifice your current job or education.

This guide will explore plenty of fun, engaging and lucrative side hustle ideas perfectly suited for weekends iN South Africa along with tips to ensure your hustle is a success.

Let’s get started!

Online Weekend Side Hustle Ideas in South Africa

Online side hustles in South Africa provide excellent opportunities to make extra money during weekends without needing to commute or work set hours.

As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can put in meaningful hustle hours from home while still enjoying a flexible schedule.

Here are some top online weekend side hustle ideas:

Freelance Writing in South Africa

Offering freelance writing services involves creating blog posts, articles, social media content, school papers and more for clients.

This leverages strong research and writing skills into income. Writing gigs can be done at any time.


  • Earn R250-R500 per hour writing
  • Choose your own workload and set schedule
  • Gain valuable professional writing experience
  • Build long-term relationships with repeat clients

Getting Started

  • Create writing samples to showcase your skills
  • Join freelance platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer
  • Reach out to people in your network who need writing help
  • Focus on a profitable niche like finance, health or business
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Dedicated weekend effort while everyone else rests can give you an edge. R5,000-R10,000+ in monthly writing income is very possible.

Online Tutoring or Teaching in South Africa

Tutoring students online in South Africa in academic subjects, music, sports or other skill areas is a flexible way to earn solid income from home. Platforms like Superprof enable you to set your own rates and schedule.


  • Earn up to R250 per hour of tutoring
  • Choose your own hours week to week
  • Deepen your own knowledge while helping others learn
  • Gain valuable teaching experience

Getting Started

  • Determine the subjects you want to tutor in
  • Create an online tutor profile to attract students
  • Offer discounted introductory sessions
  • Ask happy students to leave positive reviews

With commitment to tutoring most weekends, you can realistically earn R5,000-R15,000 monthly.

Consulting / Freelance Services

Offering consulting calls or focused project work related to your professional expertise – marketing, IT, HR, coding, etc. – is a great way to earn solid weekend income in South Africa. Leverage your hard-earned knowledge.


  • Charge R200-R500+ per hour of consulting time
  • Strengthen your industry expertise through practice
  • Flexible schedule to work around your needs
  • Build visibility and authority in your niche

Getting Started

  • Determine the subjects you want to consult on
  • Build a website, services page and portfolio samples
  • Join freelance sites like FlexJobs to find clients
  • Reach out to companies directly to pitch your services

Committing 15-25 weekend hours per month to consulting can realistically drive R5,000-R15,000+ in lucrative earnings.

Online side hustles in South Africa are an excellent low-cost way to start earning real money on your own terms over weekends. With focus and consistency, they offer tremendous potential to hit your income goals!

Offline Weekend Side Hustle Ideas in South Africa

Although online side hustles provide comfort and flexibility, many offline weekend side hustle opportunities in South Africa still offer compelling income potential if you’re willing to work outside of the house.

Depending on your skills and interests, “old school” local hustles could be quite rewarding.

Here are some top offline weekend side hustle ideas:

Garage Sales / Flea Markets

Selling your own secondhand goods or handmade/homemade items at garage sales, flea markets and pop-up shops is a proven weekend moneymaker if you enjoy in-person sales.


  • Keep all profits rather than pay consignment fees
  • Flexible schedule – work limited weekends
  • Gain firsthand sales and marketing experience
  • Make space in your home by clearing out unused items

Getting Started

  • Identify sought-after goods around your home to sell
  • Rent table/booth space at local flea markets or garage sale events
  • Promote your sales space through email, social media and flyers
  • Display items attractively with clear pricing

Expect to earn R2,000-R5,000 in profits per weekend sale through sufficient volume.

Food Service

Working weekends for restaurants, catering companies or food trucks can provide a very lucrative hustle if you’re willing to take on shifts with high customer volume. Expect fast-paced work.


  • Earn up to R200-R300+ in tips per shift
  • Gain experience in food service operations
  • Take as many or as few shifts as desired each month
  • Get exercise and human interaction

Getting Started

  • Apply to work weekends at restaurants with high traffic
  • Let managers know you specifically want Friday/Saturday/Sunday shifts
  • Provide excellent service so customers reward you accordingly
  • Save a portion of each weekend’s tips
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Income per shift varies greatly based on venue, role and tips but R2,000-5,000+ in monthly earnings is very possible.

Driving Services

Driving for rideshare services like Uber or Bolt only on weekends, along with food/grocery delivery services like Mr D can earn excellent income during peak hours as demand climbs. You set the hours.


  • Earn R100-R250+ per driving shift
  • Gain exposure to the service industry
  • Choose which weekends you want to drive
  • Get to know your city extremely well

Getting Started

  • Ensure your vehicle qualifies for rideshare/delivery
  • Pass background checks required by each service
  • Install needed apps and set up driver profiles
  • Drive during the busiest windows for maximum profit

With hustle, devoted drivers can easily clear R5,000-R10,000+ working just Friday and Saturday nights.

Offline weekend side hustles that leverage your strengths and provide human interaction can be incredibly rewarding.

A little sweat equity goes a long way!

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Getting Started With Your Weekend Side Hustle in South Africa

Launching your profitable weekend side hustle in South Africa takes careful planning and preparation if you want to set yourself up for success.

Rushing into your new venture without laying the proper groundwork risks disappointment and failure. Be strategic as you get started.

Follow these tips when embarking on a new weekend side hustle:

Assess Your Skills and Interests

Take inventory of your expertise, knowledge, talents and passions to determine the right weekend hustle niche for you. Play to your strengths rather than force yourself into an unsuitable venture.

Research the Market and Competition

Before diving in, research the target market and competitors in the type of hustle you want to start. This helps you identify ways to differentiate and effectively win customers.

Estimate Potential Income and Costs

Crunch numbers to get a realistic sense of the potential earnings your weekend hustle could generate along with the expected overhead and operating costs involved. This sets profit expectations.

Make a Basic Business Plan

Draft out a simple one-page business plan detailing what your weekend hustle will entail, your pricing and offerings, how you will operate it, and reasonable first-year goals. This provides focus.

Address Legal and Licensing Needs

Ensure you understand any legal or regulatory requirements for your hustle, and obtain any needed business licenses or insurance. Don’t skip this step.

Purchase Equipment and Supplies

Make a list of everything your hustle will need, from inventory to tools to marketing collateral. Shop smart – buy quality used goods when possible.

With thoughtful self-assessment, planning and preparation, almost anyone can craft a weekend side hustle aligned with their passions and expertise. Doing this homework sets you up to turn weekend hours into serious wealth.

Marketing and Growing Your Weekend Hustle in South Africa

Gaining initial customers and then expanding your client base is crucial for generating sustainable revenue from your weekend side hustle over the long-term. Without marketing, even the most promising hustles risk fizzling out.

Here are some of the most effective strategies to market and grow a weekend side hustle steadily:

Leverage Social Media

Promote your hustle and its offerings heavily on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Share photos and videos that highlight your products/services and engage your target audience.

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Build Word-of-Mouth Buzz

Provide such excellent service that your customers can’t stop raving about you to friends. This creates referral traffic as your reputation spreads. Offer referral rewards to encourage sharing.

Distribute Offline Marketing Materials

Business cards, flyers, mailers and brochures placed strategically throughout your community raise local awareness for your hustle. Focus on high-traffic areas.

Network and Cross-Promote

Partner creatively with complementary local businesses to co-market one another to each other’s customer bases. This expands reach. Attend local events to network.

Run Targeted Online Ads

Create Google, Instagram and Facebook ads optimized with keywords and demographics tailored to your ideal customer profile. Drive traffic to your online hub.

Offer Limited-Time Promotions

Special deals, contests and giveaways incentivize prospective customers to try out your offerings for the first time. Just ensure profitability.

Collect Reviews and Testimonials

Gather positive feedback from happy existing customers. Display prominently on your website and social media. This provides social proof.

Provide Excellent Service

Consistently deliver on your brand promise. Be reliable and helpful so customers choose you again and recommend you to others. This grows your hustle organically.

With consistent, multi-channel marketing and a relentless focus on retaining happy customers, your weekend side hustle can build the momentum to hit ambitious income goals over its first year.

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Maximizing Profits From Your Weekend Side Hustle in South Africa

Once your weekend side hustle is up and running, maximizing your profit margins must become a priority. With only limited weekend hours to earn, you need to ensure every minute spent hustling and every rand invested is generating strong returns.

Follow these tips to boost profits:

Track Income and Expenses Religiously

Use spreadsheets or an app to log all income and expenses no matter how small. Analyze the data monthly to make decisions that raise your net profits. Every rand counts.

Minimize Overhead and Operating Costs

Question every business expense to determine if it’s truly necessary. Avoid unnecessary overhead that eats into profits. Buy used equipment or tools when possible.

Increase Your Prices Gradually

Slowly raise your rates/prices over time as you build a loyal customer base and proven track record. Increasing rates even 5-10% annually boosts the bottom line substantially.

Eliminate Unprofitable Services or Offerings

Ruthlessly cut any side hustle activities, products or services that are proving unprofitable based on your income data. Focus only on what makes you money.

Outsource Help When Possible

Consider hiring freelancers to assist with side tasks like web design, marketing, accounting etc. This allows you to focus on service delivery. Prioritize your high-value time.

Enforce Strong Payment Terms

Require upfront deposits, enforce strict payment due dates, and charge late fees to ensure you actually collect what customers owe you in a timely manner.

Reinvest a Portion of Earnings

Allocate some profits back into improving your offerings, buying better equipment, taking courses to strengthen skills, and other growth-driving investments.

Securing high profit margins ensures your limited weekend hours remain rewarded. This enables sustainable, long-term hustle success.

Key Takeaways

  • Freelance writing, online tutoring, consulting and ecommerce are flexible online weekend side hustles in South Africa with strong income potential.
  • Garage sales, food trucks, rideshare driving and more allow you to profit from offline hustles while setting your own weekend hours.
  • Carefully assess your skills, research your market, create a business plan and obtain any required licenses before launching a weekend side hustle in South Africa.
  • Marketing consistently both online and offline is crucial for attracting new customers and growing your client base over time.
  • Tracking income/expenses diligently, minimizing overhead, raising prices gradually and reinvesting help maximize profits from your weekend hustle hours in South Africa.

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